Downwind Archery Services

Full Service Pro-shop serving archery enthusiasts for over 16 years.

Tech Certified by The PSE Dealer and Shooters School


We provide service and repair on all the bows we sell, as well as bows purchased elsewhere.

We paper tune for optimum arrow flight and performance. We also provide help trouble shooting problems with your equipment.

 If you purchased your bow from Downwind Archery, we offer a unique service where we will tear down your bow and clean it free of charge as often as you like. 

Downwind Archery's friendly and professional staff are ready to  help with all your archery needs.

"The Pro-shop Deal"

Install all accessories, old and new. 25.00
Sight in bow to 20 yards. 10.00
Paper tuning session. 35.00
30 minute lesson. 20.00
3 days shooting on range. 15.00
Other adjustments as required 15.00
Total 120.00

All free, with every bow purchase.